The Selector: Creshord’s Selector Mix Is A Study In Compelling Instrumental Electronic Focus

03.16.18 1 year ago

The Selector is a new regular series where we commission a continuous mix from an electronic artist and then talk to them about what inspired it. There are no rules. Each artist can base their mix around a theme, around a feeling or sound, or just whatever music they’re excited to share.

The third instalment of The Selector comes courtesy of rising producer creshord (aka Sofie Mikhaylova). As creshord, Mikhaylova makes immersive instrumental sonic explorations — think ambient soundscapes driven by techno rhythms. Mikhaylova is also the founder of Biblioteka Records, a Toronto-based label that focuses on instrumental electronic music made by queer, non-binary and trans-identifying artists worldwide.

Though the label’s only been in operation for about a year, they’ve got a number of digital releases under their belt and an ever-expanding roster of talent. Given that the label’s focus is on instrumental music, it’s fitting that Mikhaylova’s mix builds on that theme, though with a few deviations. If you need to buckle down and get a solid 45 minutes of work done, then this is the mix for you. In our conversation she revealed making this mix was a good opportunity to dig into her favorite tracks that she rarely gets to play when DJing. We also talked about the origins and aims of Biblioteka and what we can expect to hear from them in the coming year.

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