Sigrid’s New Single ‘Sight Of You’ Is A Glittering Tribute To Her Fans

Island Records

Sigrid’s highly anticipated debut album, Sucker Punch, is out March 8, and the Norwegian pop princess has shared a fantastic new single off the album. “Sight Of You” is pop perfection, with a punchy, synth-y beat and twinkling instrumentals. It’s a love song, but more for a collective than any one person.

Sigrid sings about the exhaustion of touring. Not many of us can relate to the experience of jet-setting around the world to perform for thousands of adoring fans, but Sigrid includes some of the less glamorous, more monotonous aspects of touring — the lost luggage, the sleepless nights from jet lag. But when Sigrid gets on the stage and performs, it’s like she’s back home again, and being around the people she loves is a huge mood lift.

During a concert in London, Sigrid said, “‘Sight of You’ is about when I’m tired of waking up early and having early flights […] That can be quite sh*t. But, then you get on stage and I can see my band is there and I can see that you guys [in the audience] are here and that means everything. So, yeah, it’s kind of a love song to old friends and you guys.”

“Sight Of You” is a sweet tribute to Sigrid’s fans — and with Sucker Punch coming out next week, she’s about to gain a lot more of them.

Listen to “Sight Of You” below.

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