Sleater-Kinney Made Their First Post-Reunion Public Appearance On ‘The Chris Gethard Show’

12.05.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

The Chris Gethard Show

On Wednesday night, as sadness and disbelief spread through New York City (and the entire country), there was a little bit of happiness to be found in Manhattan: Sleater-Kinney made their first appearance since announcing they were getting the band back together on the beloved (and super great) public access program The Chris Gethard Show.

After an entertainingly awkward five-minute interview, in which Gethard confessed his extreme nervousness at meeting three of his musical heroes, the show moved on to the main event: a game called All Hands on the Bad One, named after Sleater-Kinney’s fifth album. (Via)

The game involved Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein, and Janet Weiss keeping their hands on a “deeply obnoxious character named Todd Watch for as long as they could.” It was like a performance art version of something Jimmy Fallon might giggle through on The Tonight Show, except instead of Coldplay or something, the contestants were members of one of the best rock bands of the last 20 years. The world is a better place with Sleater-Kinney in it and I’m happy they’re back (even if they DIDN’T SCHEDULE A TOUR DATE NEAR WHERE I LIVE).

Via Rolling Stone

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