Smino Drops An Introspective Single Called ’24-8′

Ahead of his upcoming album, Luv 4 Rent, Smino has dropped a new single called “24-8.” On the track, Smino delivers introspective rhymes over a chill, whistletone-ridden beat.

“I parked on Parker road / I took the route that’s hella scenic / Bare my heart on all these songs / And leave my soul all on all the speakers,” he rap-sings.

Upon the release of the song, Smino has taken to social media to show an open letter to fans, detailing what he’s been through in the time leading up to the album.

“It been a while…,” he said. “I Spent Alotta time becoming a better fren to myself..I spent Alotta time searching for time I already had…I spent Alotta time tryna make this shit perfect only to realize the only perfect things come from God and just being myself is perfect bc I come from God Himself…I spent Alotta moments wondering if I even gave a f*ck about dropping Music bcuz in dis world…it seems like the talent isn’t appreciated as much as the ‘Challenge’ or the moment..”

While he has not revealed an exact release date for Luv 4 Rent, Smino teased in his letter that the album will arrive in “Droptober,” a term he has used over the years when sharing music in October.

Check out “24-8” above.