Snoop Dogg Reacts To A Proposal Happening Right In Front Of Him In A Funny Meet-And-Greet Video

With how over-the-top proposals can get, it’s hard to have one that stands out above the rest. Recently, though, one fan did just that by getting Snoop Dogg involved.

On May 19, concert and tour producer Ian Vaughn shared a video on TikTok, of a couple posing for a photo with Snoop. The video has recently gone viral, as ET Canada notes, because of what happened next: The man got down on one knee, in front of both Snoop and the woman he was with, and pulled out a ring, to which the woman responded, “Oh sh*t!” The man then said, “Would you make me the best man in the world, right next to Snoop?”

She covered her mouth before responding with an excited, “Hell yeah!” She looked at Snoop, who offered a “wow,” as her now-fiancé tried to dap her up but was left hanging. He then stood up and the three shared a group hug.


Guy proposes to his girl during his Meet and Greet with @snoopdogg ! Hell of a night!!

♬ original sound – Ian Vaughn

Snoop, meanwhile, has been celebrating his own marriage recently, as he and Shante Taylor, formerly his high school girlfriend, marked their 25th anniversary on June 12. Snoop shared multiple Instagram posts about the occasion, noting in one of them, “Thank you for 25 beautiful year[s]. We are stronger together.”