Snoop Dogg Is In A Bidding War With A Canadian Movie Star Over Ownership Of Ottawa’s NHL Team

Of all the names you’d expect to see in a bidding war over a National Hockey League team, Snoop Dogg and Ryan Reynolds might not be the unlikeliest, but the news is sure to raise at least a few eyebrows. The Athletic reports Snoop has joined an ownership group bidding on the Ottawa Senators opposite Ryan Reynolds’ group, which is reportedly bidding $1 billion for the club and supposedly includes its own musician, The Weeknd. Snoop’s proposed partner in the investment, an indie film producer named Neko Sparks, wants to be the NHL’s first Black owner.

With Snoop as his partner, that goal could be within reach; Snoop’s sweeteners for their deal include his services as an analyst — Chance The Rapper’s recurring SNL character Lazlo Holmes springs to mind here — as well as a rinkside fixture throughout the 2023-2024 season. Certainly, the opportunity to see Snoop in person could boost attendance; likewise, his hilarious sideline commentary at previous hockey games has spawned numerous memes, which could help viewership of televised games.

On Instagram, Snoop reiterated his interest, writing, “Amazing what Neko Sparks is trying to do in Ottawa & I’m looking forward to being a part of that ownership team. I wanna bring hockey to our community.” He already sponsors youth football in his hometown and loves taking part in basketball, boxing, wrestling, and even video gaming events, so if anyone has both the clout and the experience to get Black people watching hockey en masse (again, see Lazlo Holmes), it’s Snoop.