It Appears That Solange Has Chosen Her Son’s Basketball Season Over The Tour Life

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Even though she recently released the most critically-acclaimed album of her career, don’t look for Solange to air out the tracks live anytime soon. Outside of a few scattered festival appearances and performance pieces, the A Seat At The Table singer has apparently decided not to embark on a full-scale tour.

Speaking to Complex during the second weekend of Coachella, Solange said, “There’s no tour in the works. Right now I have two different shows. I have one that is more a performance piece show that is being performed in museums—and more in the art context. And then I have festival shows. As of now, I’ve not scheduled a proper tour in the more traditional sense.”

For those who follow Solange on Twitter, this latest news, disappointing as it may be, doesn’t come as a complete shock. In a tweet she shared in September and subsequently deleted, the singer wrote, “I really want to tour, but my son is in jr high school now & plays basketball & ball is life lol . So I gotta figure that sh*t out. Duality.”

Even if she hasn’t plotted out a multi-city run, there are still plenty of opportunities to see Solange live this Summer, including at The Roots Picnic in Philadelphia, FYF Fest in Los Angeles, the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago, and Glastonbury over in the U.K.