Someone Finally Covered ’99 Red Balloons’ Using Only Red Balloons

Andrew Huang is one of the most talented, if not most underrated, YouTube artists that you’ll find, as his original songs and ingenious covers constantly rack up the views. You might remember Huang for his absolute best work in last year’s Breaking Bad theme played on items one might find in a meth lab, or maybe you’re more familiar with his alphabetical 26-genre song. If you’re not hip to this dude’s game, his latest video is making him an instant star, as it has scored more than 700,000 views and counting in less than a day.

Huang used actual red balloons to recreate the classic 80s song “99 Luftballons,” better known in America as “99 Red Balloons,” and it’s simply ridiculous. As he wrote in the description, Huang originally wanted to use 99 balloons to accomplish this feat, but he only needed four. Talk about an underachiever.