Sophie Makes Her On Screen Debut In The Self-Directed ‘It’s Ok To Cry’ Video

This morning Los Angeles based pop artist Sophie released a video for her new song “It’s OK To Cry.” You can watch the clip above.

Marking her first ever on-screenn appearance, the dreamy self-directed treatment features a shot of Sophie from the shoulders up singing the ballad in front of a billowy blue sky backdrop. The scene changes as the song progresses, making it look as though Sophie is ascending skyward, past the clouds, the atmosphere and into outer space.

The song is a very restrained effort compared to what we’ve heard from the elusive pop artist before. Grounded by Sophie’s voice and a gilded synth melody, there’s a vulnerability to the song’s arrangement that matches the assurance of the title that “It’s OK To Cry.” The song ends with a more dramatic pop conclusion that blasts the ballad into anthemic territory.

Sophie tweeted the link to the video earlier this morning saying “WHOLE NEW WORLD,” which suggests the song is a a part of a new direction for the artist and a tongue-in-cheek jab at the song’s lofty balladry and the video’s resemblance to a soaring, tumbling, freewheeling animated ballad.

“It’s OK To Cry” is Sophie’s first new material since PRODUCT, the singles compilation she released in 2015 via the UK-based Numbers label.

The new song and video arrive ahead of the debut of her latest live show, Open Beta, which premieres at Red Bull Music Academy in Los Angeles on October 24th.