Speedy Ortiz Return With Our First 100 Days Track ‘In My Way’

In the name of fairness, it should be pointed out when Donald Trump does something kinda alright. Even if he didn’t mean to, the ascendancy of The Donald to POTUS indirectly got us some new Speedy Ortiz music! Snaps for that.

“In My Way” is the latest song from the Our First 100 Days, a project to raise funds for “organizations working on the front lines of climate, women’s rights, immigration and fairness.” The project started by the same folks who ran the 30 Days, 30 Songs protest music campaign releases a new song for every one of Trump’s first 100 days in office. It kicked off with Angel Olsen, and today’s offering just happened to get Sadie Dupuis away from her pop solo work and back with her band to drop some primo, off-center slack rock. “In My Way” is all odd angles overlaid with a blanket of excellent fuzz. Give it a listen up top.

Contributing to a project meant to fund groups fighting a right-wing agenda is far from Dupuis’ first time getting political with her music. She released a sh*t-stirring political Christmas song this holiday season encouraging her listeners to ask their family how they voted over dinner. And her debut solo album is full of progressive, lo-fi gems.