St. Vincent Teamed Up With Carrie Brownstein To Create A Series Of Truly Bizarre Interview Vignettes

Every major artist in the throes of the album release cycle knows that the the promotional campaign can become quite tedious. Being forced to confront a wide range of different journalists with different backgrounds, asking varying forms of the same questions over and over again isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of a good time. Nevertheless, they endure, offering their responses in the hopes of getting the word out about their latest creation to the masses.

In a series of “interviews” posted to her Instagram account, it appears that St. Vincent has decided to parody the inherent inanity of this cyclical process ahead of the release of her own, next record, by offering up an increasingly off-the-wall string of answers to some questions she’s no doubt encountered in the past, as well as few she’s sure to be asked to expound on in the future. As it turns out, Sleater-Kinney guitar hero and Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein helped pen some of the dialogue.

The topics broached were boiler-plate to the point of banality, things like, “Insert question about what she’s been reading lately,” — old issues of Playboy magazine, but just for the pictures — and “Insert question about the one album she would take on a desert island,” — “A flare gun, a first aid kit, a cell phone and a boat.”

You can check out the full range of St. Vincent’s absurd vignettes below.