Stephen Colbert Wants To Replace Hank Williams Jr. On MNF

10.05.11 3 Comments

As you may have heard, on Monday Hank Williams Jr., aka “Bocephus,” was booted from his position as Monday Night Football’s “Are You Ready For Some Football” singer person after he appeared on Fox News’ morning clown show Fox and Friends — wearing a camo University of Alabama cap — and compared President Obama to Hitler (Seriously, an LSU fan would never do such a thing…GEAUX TIGERS!). Williams Jr. has since apologized for the remark, but ESPN doesn’t appear willing to give him his job back, prompting the Tea Party to hilariously call for a boycott of NFL football.

Stephen Colbert is, of course, gravely concerned about this. He feels that without Williams Jr.’s song to prepare the masses for some football, anarchy could break out across the land. Or something.

“Not hearing that song left me dangerously unprepared for some football,” Colbert said. “I’m in my living room innocently watching a Chevy Silverado ad and suddenly a bunch of gigantic, angry men in shiny tights start hitting each other, hurling and kicking a weird, leather oblate spheroid. It was hours before I realized it was some football. And needless to say, I was not ready for it.”

Colbert then auditioned for the part. Enjoy…

And as an added bonus, here’s the Daily Show’s take on the whole controversy from last night as well…

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