Stephen Malkmus Covered Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ For A Group Of Children

Senior Pop Culture Editor

Well, this is an unexpected delight.

Here’s Stephen Malkmus, the sardonic frontman of Pavement-turned-leader of the apparently family-friendly Jicks, covering Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” for a herd of well-behaved ankle-biters.

The Jicks were asked to be a part of Portland’s children variety show You Who, which I guess is like The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show, but with more beards, and rather than perform a deep cut from Slanted and Enchanted, they played to the demographic. Good call. Those kids would’ve rioted if they heard something from Terror Twilight.

This isn’t Malkmus’ first song for children, either. Years ago, Pavement’s “No More Kings,” from the Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks tribute album, taught me everything I know about colonialism. Kids!

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