Steve Gunn Announces A New Album With The Old-School Psychedelia Of ‘New Moon’

Music News Editor

At one time, Steve Gunn was a member of Kurt Vile’s backing band The Violators, and the two played on each other’s songs for a split EP they released in 2015. While that should give you some idea about Gunn’s pedigree, he’s also shined in his own career for the past decade or so. He released his first Matador Records album, Eyes On The Lines, in 2016, and now he’s ready to follow it up: The Unseen In Between is set to be released on January 18 via Matador.

The announcement is also accompanied by a new single, the album-opening “New Moon.” It’s psychedelic, but less in the vein of Tame Impala and more akin to traditionally psychedelic groups like The Grateful Dead or Quicksilver Messenger Service. A tremolo-heavy guitar line runs throughout the song, which wanders around the space it inhabits in a carefree but focused way.

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