Steven Tyler Estimates He’s Spent About $2 Million On Drugs In His Life

It’s amazing the secrets you’re willing to reveal about yourself when the consequences are dire enough. That’s the situation Steven Tyler found himself in recently while appearing on The Late Late Show hosted by James Corden and took part in the regularly recurring segment “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.” Essentially, the game works like this: a sensitive question is posed, and the person being asked can either answer it, or be forced to eat something disgusting.

When forced to choose between having to eat head cheese or answer a question about how much he’d spent on drugs throughout his life, the Aerosmith frontman opted for honesty, copping to have spent, “about $2 million,” on illicit substances throughout the years, adding that he’d “snorted half of Peru.” As one half of the duo dubbed the “Toxic Twins” throughout the 1970s along with guitarist Joe Perry, that figure, eye-popping as it may be, certainly seems to check out.

Elsewhere, Tyler also admitted to having hit on his daughter Liv Tylers’ friend, superstar actress Cameron Diaz, rather than eat a dried out caterpillar. “And I got a lot of shit for it too,” he said. Tyler did however chew on some cow intestine rather than rank the other members of Aerosmith in order of talent. “I got to go on tour with these guys. It’s bad enough the shit I say to them,” he joked.

You can watch the entire truth-telling exchange above.