Stevie Nicks Wants To Sing ‘Landslide’ At Hillary Clinton’s Inauguration

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A quick scan of Donald Trump‘s campaign for president reveals that things are…not good. Which means that there’s a high probability Hillary Clinton will be celebrating on election night, and Stevie Nicks wants to be there! The New York Times asked Nicks about Fleetwood Mac reuniting to perform “Don’t Stop” at Bill Clinton’s 1993 inauguration and whether she could think of a song to fit Hillary’s campaign. Nicks told the paper that she’d like to sing “Landslide” at Hillary Clinton’s inauguration, backed by an all-star team of people who have covered her solo hit throughout the years.

“It’s hard to think of anything as amazing as that song was for Bill. He picked it out when he was driving around in a cab somewhere years before. When she wins by a landslide, I could gather together the Dixie Chicks, Billy Corgan and everybody who’s ever sung a version of ‘Landslide.’ It’s not up-tempo, but it certainly would get the message across.”

A massive sing-along featuring some of Hillary’s biggest supporters sounds like the perfect way to officially close out this election — if she wins. And if so, recent history is any indication, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince musicians to stick it to Donald Trump.

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