Strand Of Oaks’ New Track ‘Keys’ Is A Romantic And Ruminative Dedication To Love

Strand Of Oaks have shared a third single from their upcoming album Eraserland, out March 22 via Dead Oceans.

The new song, “Keys,” is tender and romantic. Over a sweeping and soaring melody, singer and multi-instrumentalist Timothy Showalter narrates a love that shines as bright and life-giving as the sun. In a press release, Showalter shared the inspiration behind the song — his wife and “best friend,” Sue.

‘Keys’ is a song about the future and realizing with more years the aspects of life that truly matter and what seems so important in the moment just slips into dust,” Showalter said. “If you listen to the second chorus you will hear the best and only take we could find where both me and my producer Kevin [Ratterman] could get through without tears. ‘I’ll buy us a trailer down in the Keys,’ may be the most honest and true realization I’ve ever expressed to my love. I truly hope anyone listening is loved by someone like I have.”

Even if you’re not as coupled up as Showalter is at the moment, the song is a gorgeous rumination on love and beauty anyone can appreciate.

Eraserland is out March 22 via Dead Oceans. You can pre-order it here, and listen to “Keys” above.