Strand Of Oaks’ Performance On ‘Conan’ Will Reignite Your Love For Indie Rock

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Last night on Conan, Strand of Oaks, fronted by singer-songwriter Timothy Showalter, performed a live rendition of their song “Rest Of It” that shreds even harder than the recording. The track is off their latest record, Hard Love, which was released on February 17 of this year.

During the live guest performance, guitarist Jason Anderson reminds you of the power of an old fashioned guitar solo. And, it’s seriously so good. Combine those shredding guitar solos with Showalter’s breathy, yet passionate and growly vocals and you have folk rockers, Strand of Oaks in their element.

Showalter also performed an online Conan web exclusive with a stripped down version of song “Radio Kids,” which was the lead single off of Hard Love. The two performances together show the versatility and true artistry of Showalter; he can go from an upbeat, loud rock song to a slow, honest, and raw folk ballad. Watch his emotional performance of “Radio Kids” below.

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Check out this interview where frontman Showalter tells all about the inspirations and stories behind Strand of Oak’s most recent LP, Hard Love, released just last month via Dead Oceans.

Strand of Oaks is on tour now and will play at Boston Calling fest in May. Get tickets here.