Supercut: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You An Unoriginal A-Hole

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Slackstory nails it in the intro to their new viral supercut:

In 1888, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche coined a phrase that would inspire lazy musicians for more than 100 years.

It shouldn’t be news to anyone that musicians are unoriginal or that cliched phrases are the backbone of popular music, but man, having the number of “artists” laid out in front of you who have over the years copped out on regret, guilt, and humiliation by clinging to Nietzsche’s words is kind of astounding. I guess what they’re all trying to tell me is that time I got drunk and fell down a stairwell was a confidence-building experience and not a huge moronic mistake.

Kudos to Slackstory for taking the time to compile all these. 33 songs in total. Full list after the jump. And yes, Asia made it.

  1. Romeo – “Promise”
  2. Carlene Carter – “Stronger”
  3. Shontelle – “Say Hello to Goodbye”
  4. Kelly Clarkson – “”What Doesn’t Kill You”
  5. Colin James – “Stronger”
  6. Asia – “Days Like These”
  7. Automatic Loveletter – “Story of My Life”
  8. Everyone Dies in Utah – “Don’t Just Do Something Stand There”
  9. Finger Eleven – “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me”
  10. Brother Cane – “Where Was I to Know”
  11. The Wannadies – “December Days”
  12. Maxim – “Backward Bullet”
  13. Buckshot LeFonque – “Another Day”
  14. Kanye West – “Stronger”
  15. Chamillionaire – “Rain”
  16. Jay-Z – “American Gangster”
  17. 2Pac – “Only God Can Judge Me”
  18. Theory of a Deadman – “Quiver”
  19. Adema – “What Doesn’t Kill Us”
  20. Papa Roach – “Kick in the Teeth”
  21. Plain White Ts – “Happy Someday”
  22. Pain – “Tear It Up”
  23. Kiss – “Betrayed”
  24. Sonic Boom Six – “What Doesn’t Kill You”
  25. Hoodoo Gurus – “Always Something”
  26. Slipknot – “Pulse of the Maggots”
  27. Ektomorf – “What Doesn’t Kill Me”
  28. Anthrax – “Fueled”
  29. Megadeth – “Skin O’ My Teeth”
  30. Biohazard – “Gravity”
  31. Gandalf – “The Cradle”
  32. Metallica – “Broken, Beat and Scarred”
  33. Paulini – “Scarless”

Slackstory via The High Definite

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