SZA Fans Are Getting Out The Black Eyeliner And Hair Dye For Her New Pop-Punk Anthem ‘F2F’

SZA’s long-awaited album SOS is finally out, following lots of delays and a little bit of drama. Fans can’t believe it’s finally here, and they’re reacting to everything at once on Twitter through hot takes, threads, and, mostly, memes. They’re loving the Phoebe Bridgers collaboration on “Ghost In The Machine“; they’re heartbroken by the powerful “Nobody Gets Me.”

There is one specific moment on the record that surprised many listeners — and that’s the unexpected pop-punk track “F2F.” Falling near the middle of the LP, the song starts off sounding nostalgic of early-2000s pop, which one user pointed out, writing, “sza recreating that feeling at the end of every early 2000s films when school is over and its time for summer break on f2f.”

It picks up toward the chorus and catapults into a pop-punk direction with brave, infectious guitars and self-deprecating lyrics: “I hate me enough for the two of us / Hate that I can’t let go of you enough,” she sings. This has led to viral tweets involving pictures of scene kids with piercings, colorful hair, eyeliner, and band t-shirts from the Myspace era. Of course, this isn’t all that surprising, considering the past couple of years have consisted of lots of mainstream artists switching to pop punk, like Willow and MGK.

Listen to “F2F” above.