A Former MTV Chief Says Taylor Swift Was ‘Crying Hysterically’ After The Kanye VMA Incident

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We will all hear about Kanye West’s liberation of the mic from Taylor Swift’s hands at the 2009 MTV VMAs until the day we die. Sh*t, it’ll probably come up in the afterlife too. “To be fair, fellow ghost that’s also haunting this abandoned hospital, Beyoncé really did have the better video, etc.” You have a better chance of going through life without ever talking about the sun or the color green than you will escaping the award gold standard for controversy that was this slice of cable TV silliness. Still, there always seems to be a new tidbit to be added to the tale. Some far more interesting (and FX-series friendly) than others.

The latest item of interest comes from former MTV Chief Van Toffler who served up a lovely nugget of backstage insight during a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter. When asked for his favorite VMA story, Toffler’s involved Kanye, Taylor, The Almighty Beyoncé and folks “crying hysterically.”

When Kanye walked up onstage with Taylor [Swift] that year, it turned out that Taylor had to go onstage to do her song five minutes later. I ran out of the truck to see that everything was all right, and Taylor and her mom were crying hysterically. I’m not always wonderful with emotions. I didn’t know what to say. Then I went backstage, and Beyonce was crying, too.

Please don’t make Beyoncé cry. That’s somewhere in the Ten Commandments and if it isn’t we need someone to look into that.

Thank goodness Kanye and Taylor seemed to sort thi– OH RIGHT, THAT THING.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)