Taylor Swift’s ‘Deadpool’ Halloween Costume Sends A Clear Message


Oh, pop stars and their Halloween costumes. It’s always fun to see who dresses in what, and whether a particular fashion icon can carry that effortless style over into the world of campy costumes. I think we can all agree that Taylor Swift pulled Halloween off this year: She went out in a picture perfect Deadpool costume.

As anyone who has attended a Comic-Con over the past five years can attest to, Deadpool costumes are a dime a dozen. But Taylor’s is more than your typical bright red full body lycra suit with a couple of accessories drawn on with a sharpie pen. This girl’s obviously got more resources than that.

It definitely helps when you’re BFFs with Blake Lively, the wife of Mr. Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. Given the fact that his character was obsessed with getting revenge, this costume seems a little on the money after Taylor’s recent celebrity run-ins.

Swift thanked Reynolds in one of her Instagram posts about the costume, saying “Thanks @vancityreynolds for this costume, you’re the BEST Deadpool inside contact ever.” We’re just glad he didn’t hook her up with a Green Lantern costume, or the Deadpool digs from 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Not that they would have been terrible. As we always say, any Halloween costume that doesn’t result in a formal apology the next day is a good costume.