Taylor Swift Was Joined Onstage By New Squad Members Julia Roberts And Joan Baez


At this point, finding out which huge celebrities Taylor Swift is going to drag out onstage during her 1989 tour is becoming part of the process. It’s like waiting for Dick Miller to show up in a Joe Dante movie, a reference point surely all Taylor Swift fans understand. On Saturday, Swift was in Santa Clara, and she was joined by a couple of real living legends; Julia Roberts and Joan Baez.

You don’t need to be told who Julia Roberts is. She’s one of the biggest movie stars in the history of time. Mystic Pizza, Larry Crowne, the list goes on. Baez may not be as well-known to the Swift fans out there, but, as one of the biggest folk stars of her era and arguably an even bigger social activist, it’s cool to see her on stage, even if it is just Taylor Swift saying, “Hey, look! Joan Baez is here!”

Baez and Roberts donned Swift shirts and danced to her song “Style.” Also, the British girl group Little Mix were there. They got to play their song “Black Magic,” which is cool for them, even if this will always be remembered as the night Julia Roberts and Joan Baez were on stage. Stay tuned to find out who Swift will be joined by next.


(Via Huffington Post)