Taylor Swift Or Ryan Adams: Whose ‘1989’ Is Better? Here’s Our Song-By-Song Scorecard

09.22.15 4 years ago 6 Comments

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On Monday, we were blessed by the release of Ryan Adams’ cover of Taylor Swift’s massively successful album, 1989. This was a massive undertaking for Adams, as he was not only covering these songs, but also re-arranging them and presenting them in new contexts. Now that two different versions of 1989 exist, it’s only natural to ask which one is better. That’s why we’re looking at every track on both versions of the album, and whose rendition is superior in each case. There can be only one 1989 to rule them all!

(Actually, there can probably be two. This is all in good fun. And, of course, these are Swift’s songs in the first place, so there’d be no Ryan Adams version if not for her.)

Compare the albums yourself, as well. You can hear Adams’ version on Spotify, but – as you may have heard – there’s only one place to stream Swift’s, on Apple Music.

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