This Taylor Swift Lookalike Met Taylor Swift And The Similarities Are Downright Uncanny

Taylor Swift must be the best in the business at dealing with fans. There are no shortages of stories wherein Swift donates money and other material goods to fans in need. She also crashed a pair of superfans’ wedding, which would never happen with any old pop star. Most tellingly, Swift did not run screaming when a “lookalike” fashioned her “style” to meet her idol’s looks.

Aussie Olivia Sturgess first noticed her own resemblance to the star when other Swift fans would approach her for photos and autographs. Sturgess has since played up the similarities with clothing, hair, and makeup adjustments, and the results are startling compared to the real Swift. Sturgess continues to pose with Swift fans on a regular basis.

By day, Sturgess works the checkout line at her local Target, where customers noticed the phenomenon. Just for fun, she started tagging her photos as #NoItsLiv, but she’s flattered by people’s comments. Indeed, Sturgess traveled to see her idol in concert with a backstage pass. Swift graciously met her lookalike and said she was already aware of the fan’s Instagram reputation. No matter what you think about Swift’s music, she’s excellent to her fans, and Sturgess continues to pose it up on social media. She even got the “strategic cat lady” vibe right (an important part of the Swift image).

Swiftmas took over the order of this photo. Does Olivia own all of these Swift CDs? Perhaps they were a gift bestowed by Swifty herself.

If no one told you this wasn’t really Taylor Swift, could you tell the difference?

Finally, these two ladies met. Taylor and Olivia posed it up well together.

(Via Metro)

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