Taylor Swift’s New ‘Shake It Off’ Video Is A Preteen Girl’s Version Of An Acid Trip, Or Something

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08.18.14 33 Comments

Taylor Swift’s new music video, “Shake It Off”, is currently sweeping the internet and it’s equal parts fascinating and mind-numbingly stupid. It’s as if Taylor wanted to do a GAP commercial then changed her mind and instead did a rap video then changed her mind again and got into a cheerleader outfit and started twerking in a tutu. That’s really the best way of describing it.

In all, we counted 9 different Taylor Swift outfits.

Taylor Swift outfits

YouTube/Taylor Swift Vevo

And here’s just a brief glimpse into the video’s shenanigans.


YouTube/Taylor Swift Vevo


YouTube/Taylor Swift Vevo

But really, the stars of the show are the backup dancers, some of whom just escaped from a psych ward. Like crazy ginger girl.

crazy girl

YouTube/Taylor Swift Vevo

And this GIF? Yes, it belongs in a museum.

Taylor Swift is weird

YouTube/Taylor Swift Vevo

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