Taylor Swift Went To Buy ‘Reputation’ At Target And Made Nashville Swifties Lose Their Minds

At the end of most Target runs, you’ll probably find yourself with some toilet paper, deodorant, and other miscellaneous whatevers of little significant consequence. However, shoppers at the White Bridge Road location in West Nashville, Tennessee who were there at the right time ran into something far less mundane: Taylor Swift picking up a copy of Reputation, as The Tennessean reports.

Swift documented the trip in her Instagram story last night, which begins with a clip of her and her cat at home, and she says, “We always have this tradition of going to Target to go buy the album, and so we’re gonna go do that.”

Once she walked into the store — As E! notes, accompanied by some of her background dancers and singers — it didn’t take too long for customers to realize a global superstar was in the building and start freaking out. Swift took time to sign copies of Reputation for fans and take photos with people Facetiming their friends and generally getting very excited.

She even ran into one Swiftie who produced a photo the two took together at some point in 2009 or 2010, back during the Fearless tour. She also came across a musician who showed her a clip of his band covering one of her songs during their X Factor audition.

Swift wasn’t the only one posting about the excursion:

Watch Swift’s Instagram story above.