Tekashi 69 Was Reportedly Sued For $2 Million For Missing Performances

Tekashi 69 is past the worst of his legal troubles, but just because he’s not in jail anymore doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any more problems. According to TMZ, the controversial New York rapper is being sued by Streamusic over a pair of Hollywood shows he allegedly blew off last December. Streamusic, an app that streams live shows, apparently booked Tekashi for the two concerts, paying him $150,000 in advance. But when the company tried to get him to hold up his end of the arrangement, he stopped responding.

When he finally did get back to Streamusic to reschedule the shows in January, he ghosted them again, even after the company says it sent seven letters (who uses mail anymore?). So, they’ve sued Tekashi for breach of contract and fraud. However, the rapper’s attorney Lance Lazzaro told TMZ, “We have no comment at this time. Tekashi has not been served with any legal papers.”

Of course, the papers could have gotten lost in the veritable avalanche of paperwork the rapper has been served over the past couple of years. In 2021, he was sued by another concert promoter over bailing on a show after being paid in full, after he was sued by his security company over an unpaid bill. Also in 2021, he was sued by a Miami stripper who claimed he threw a champagne bottle during a fight, hitting her instead of the intended target. In 2020, Fashion Nova sued Tekashi for $2.25 million when he didn’t fulfill the terms of a promotion deal.