Tekashi 69 Has Been Sued By Fashion Nova For $2.25 Million

Following his November 2018 arrest, Tekashi 69 was sentenced to 24 months in prison this past December, a sentence that would include time served. After a denied request to serve the remainder of his sentence in alternative housing, Tekashi learned last week that his official release date would be August 2, 2020. With plans to move out of New York upon his release for fear of the security threat he poses, 69 also learned of a lawsuit he’ll have to deal with this year as well.

According to TMZ, discount clothing retailer Fashion Nova is suing the rapper for $2.25 million. The two parties reportedly struck a deal in October 2018 to have the rapper promote the brand through his music and posts on his various social media platforms. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, he was also given an advance of $225,000 through the deal.

The rapper would be arrested two weeks after it was signed, which made it impossible for him to uphold his end of the Fashion Nova deal. To make matters worse the retailer says that Tekashi’s testimony during his trial completely destroyed his image, making him unable to fulfill his marketing deal. The retailer also claims they were unaware of his flawed image and possible criminal activity, accusing his team of hiding the information about it from them. Fashion Nova also claims 69 promised to return the advance but has yet to do so, an action that most likely led the company to sue the rapper.

With less than five months left until his release, check out Spotify’s Tekashi 69 podcast for a more detailed rundown of his case here.

[via TMZ]