Tekashi 69 Is Being Sued For $75K Over An Unpaid Security Bill

A large part of Tekashi’s appeal when he first appeared in 2018 was his rabble-rousing habit of inciting beef with seemingly every street-centric rapper in rap at the time. However, a large part of the reason he was able to get away with it was the small squadron of large, probably armed men surrounding him in most public situations to ensure no one confronted him about his antics. Now, according to TMZ, it’s been revealed that Tekashi still owed the company employing those security guards a lot of money.

Metropolitan Patrol, a company employed by Tekashi 69 when he visited Los Angeles, says that despite providing round-the-clock service for the loudmouth social media personality turned rap superstar including armored cars, they still haven’t been paid over $75,000. After sending Tekashi the invoice for the service — including three armed officers working day and night shifts, a Yukon with ballistic panels, and a pair of Ford Explorers decked-out with lights and sirens — he simply refused to pay.

According to 69’s lawyer, the responsibility falls on MTA Bookings agency, which was handling the rainbow-haired rapper’s public appearances at the time. However, even the perception that he doesn’t pay his security could be unhealthy for Tekashi, who has gotten right back up to his old tricks after leaving prison last year. He recently got into it with Meek Mill, sparking a war of words that includes a sample of the altercation in Tekashi’s latest single.