The Definitive Guide To Partying, And Life, According To Andrew W.K.

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If you aren’t following Andrew W.K. on Twitter, you need to rectify that problem immediately. As an extension of both his self-appointed role as party guru and as his official role as advice columnist for the Village Voicehe frequently gives out amazing “party tips” and advice to live by in 140-character bursts. Just to give you a taste, here are 20 Andrew W.K. tweets that will make your life a lot more party:

You’re right, Andrew. I’m gonna crank up my copy of All the Right Reasons right now, and I don’t care who knows it!

Thanks for the encouragement, Andrew! I am gonna try out for the Yankees next year!

Like the fact that Andrew W.K. exists?

Umm… I wrote the lyrics to “All About That Bass” on a wall and signed your name. Hope that’s cool.

But what does that have to do with partying? Unless you’re saying that it’s okay to drink alone. In which case, thanks!

This is what American Ninja Warrior contestants tell themselves.

Andrew W.K.: The Smokey the Bear of partying.

Congress needs to make this a law. If anything can create bipartisanship in Washington, it should be this.

I never go anywhere without Andrew W.K.’s voice in my head, telling me to party hard. Which could be why I drink so much.

I don’t even have a snarky comment here. This is just some solid wisdom.

The grass is always partyer on the side. Always look on the party side of life.

Surprised he didn’t include “be party.” Maybe it was implied?

That’s not what the cop who arrested me for destruction of public property said.

Giggles are a drug here, right?

What if you have diarrhea?

I’m *stunned* he didn’t add a “believe in partying” to the end of this one.

There’s party in all of this. But there’s about 10 parties in Andrew W.K..


This is probably the *exact* reason why Andrew W.K. loves America.

You mean like you quitting Twitter? Because I worry about that a lot.