The Foo Fighters Have Agreed To Play An Unscheduled Crowdfunded Show In Virginia

The Foo Fighters have made a group of fans in Richmond, Va very happy by agreeing to play an unscheduled concert that’s been gaining steam for a months now. From Rolling Stone:

The Crowdhoster campaign was launched in March by Andrew Goldin, a freelance creative director and copywriter, who sought to bring the band back to his hometown for their first show in Richmond since 1998. Goldin and his fellow organizers, Brig White, John McAdorey and Lucas Krost, set a goal of selling 1,400 tickets at $50 each to the hypothetical concert in order to convince the band to return. Donors’ credit cards would only be charged if the show sold out, and the contributions would be returned if the band didn’t agree to play.

As of Saturday, the campaign (which has now moved to a Crowdtilt Open site) had raised $70,026, surpassing its goal of $70,000. Two local businesses, Brown’s Volkswagon and Sugar Shack Donuts, each donated $5,000 to the campaign and plan to give away all their tickets.

The band acknowledged the effort on Twitter and tweeted out to confirm their agreement to play the show:

You have to give a lot of credit to folks in Richmond and Andrew Goldin. They really made quite the persuasive argument through their fundraiser and connected video. 1998 is almost a lifetime ago in Internet years, so I can’t imagine how it must’ve felt to not see your favorite band for 10 years. Richmond isn’t exactly some podunk town either, so good on them.

No venue or date has been set yet, but I can only imagine that the ball is rolling quickly now.

(Via Rolling Stone)