The Guys In Slayer Saved A Homeless Kitten From Certain Death

The intersection between metal and cats typically begins and ends with “p*ssy” double entendres, but not last week, when Slayer rescued a homeless kitten from the freezing cold. It happened in Indianapolis, right before a gig was about to start. According to NUVO News:

“Last night Kerry [King] and some of the crew went to dinner at Kerry’s favorite steak house in Indy, St. Elmo’s Steak House. Afterwards, the assistant tour manager, Jess [Cortese] saw a homeless man on the street who offered up this little kitten for a dollar. The kitten apparently was freezing so Jess took it, slept with her in her bunk on the bus and went to the venue with her today, hanging out. One of the runners knew someone who wanted a kitten, so the little guy now has anew home where he or she currently is.” (Via)

Here’s the little guy, who’s been named Gypsy.

“Jesus Saves”? No, Slayer does.

Via Nuvo