The Long, Impressive History Of Misheard Song Lyrics, Performed Live

As a nice addendum to last week’s Mistaken Song Lyrics video comes this week’s…Misheard Song Lyrics video. OK, I’ll admit they sound awfully familiar, but what separates them is that the video below, which comes from Collective Cadenza, who “create musical video experiments,” is performed LIVE. In one WHOA take.

But not only is it impressive, it’s also pretty funny. Obviously no one thinks the name of the Bee Gees’ 1977 classic is “Steak and a Knife” (right…?), but this video has convinced me that Phil Collins’s duet with Philip Bailey, “Easy Lover,” is actually about a llama. Against all odds, and I cannot believe it’s true, but I now like Collins four times as much as I did an hour ago.

(Via Clip Nation)