The New Daft Punk Album, ‘Random Access Memories,’ Is Now Streaming

A lot going on in the twisted world of Daft Punk today:

1. Possibly inspired by Commander Chris Hadfield, Daft Punk released a video teaser for Random Access Memories showing Thomas and Guy-Manuel unwrapping a copy of the album…in space. Watch it here.

2. Consequence of Sound dug up footage of the duo’s first U.S. performance, all the way back in 1996 when they played the rave-heavy Even Furthur Festival in Wisconsin. The New York Times reviewed the concert, writing, “Ravers…marveled at how well electronics whizzes like Daft Punk and Laura Grabb could perform the music on live instruments and discovered that rock bands like Low and Poi Dog Pondering could also fit into a rave.”

3. AND OH YEAH THE NEW ALBUM IS STREAMING. HEAR IT HERE. (I’m burying the lede slightly because the stream may not be available for very long, though rumor has it the entire album will be on iTunes at midnight.)

UPDATE: it’s already on iTunes; click on “View in iTunes.”

(Via Mischief Magazine)