The Only Way To Get Iggy Pop To Praise Justin Bieber Is Through Torture

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06.19.14 3 Comments
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Despite being one of the greatest punk frontmen of all-time, Iggy Pop has done a lot of decidedly un-rock ‘n’ roll things. Like provide a voice for The Rugrats Movie, and appear on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, and release an album of French covers. But there’s one thing he won’t do: praise Justin Bieber. Unless he’s being tortured.

“Torture a man and he will tell you anything.”

That’s tag line of a new Belgian Amnesty International ad campaign led by an image of a bruised Iggy Pop, effectively admitting defeat and betraying his legacy with praise of the Biebz: “The future of rock ‘n’ roll, it’s Justin Bieber,” he says in a caption under his gnarly mug. (Via)

The ad goes on to say, “In addition to being inhumane, torture is ineffective. Let’s stop it.” Replace the word “torture” with “Justin Bieber,” and it’s still true.



Via Spin

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