The NOFX Fan Who Got Kicked In The Face By Fat Mike Has Apologized For Getting Kicked In The Face

Earlier this week, a video went viral of Fat Mike from NOFX housing a fan who jumped on stage wearing a Gilligan-style bucket hat, throwing his arm around the musician during a show in Sydney. Apparently, Fat Mike acted defensively due to neck pain he had been experiencing all night, but that doesn’t explain why he decked the kid and then kicked him square in the face. I’d like to think the initial punch was for the neck pain and the kick to the face was for wearing a bucket hat to a punk show.

At any rate, both sides have come to their senses, and the overzealous fan, who goes by Alex on Twitter, has apologized to Fat Mike for creeping up on him. In return, Fat Mike apologized and even offered to buy him a beer at the next show.

All’s well that ends well. Luckily enough, the fan only suffered a fat lip, which makes it 100% acceptable to watch the video a million times and laugh at it. This is why you don’t act like an a-hole at shows, people.

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