The Plot Thickens: Solange Has Completely Erased Beyonce From Her Instagram

05.13.14 4 years ago 7 Comments
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We’re now two days into the Great Solange-Jay-Z-Beyonce Elevator Met Gala Mystery, and with little more than rampant speculation (and of course, remixes) internet sleuths have now turned to social media to try to come up for some sort of logical explanation as to why Solange Knowles would attack her brother-in-law at a prestigious social event while her sister calmly looked on.

Well, while we still don’t have any kind of logical explanation, some clues have started to surface. For one thing, Solange has now completely scrubbed Beyonce from her Instagram account like that sh*t was Marty McFly in Back to the Future if his parents never got together. I guess in this analogy Solange would also never have been born, but whatever — let’s just roll with it.

Apparently until yesterday, following the Met Gala, Solange had deleted every photo of Beyonce except for this one (below) dated 15 months ago. That must have just been some kind of clerical error, though, because after commenters pointed it out, the photo was removed.



Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Beyonce posted this photo of the following prayer about casting out “anyone who is not a good influence” on her own Instagram account.



I get it. I really do. I’ve got a sister who is my only sibling, and as two mostly perfectly rational people — even we have gotten into some blow out fights well into our adulthood. Before her wedding going on ten years ago, we got into such a big fight that we didn’t speak to each other for three months. No one succinctly love-hates each other more than sisters do — and I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like when one of the sisters is her Queen F*cking Majesty Beyonce.

Of course, while I never attacked my sister’s husband or anything — as someone who once dropped a shovel full of snow on her face while making a snow angel, I have a good feeling these kids will somehow work it out.

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