The Real Reason Ticketmaster Is Getting Rid Of Captchas: They’re Perverted

We’ve all been there. You want to buy two tickets to see Kansas at the Burritos Arena in Huntington, New York. The process should be simple, yes? Haha, you naive hermit crab. You select how many tickets you want…and then you get to the dreaded security page. Its intentions are noble — keep out the bots, keep in the humans — but the words, numbers, and hieroglyphics you have to decipher almost always look like the result of giving a pen to a chicken with its head cut off. BUT FRET NO LONGER: Captcha is gone, from Ticketmaster, at least.

Captcha – which asks users to type in words to prove they are not robots trying to cheat the system – is used on many sites. But Ticketmaster has moved to ditch it in favour of a simpler system…It means users will write phrases, such as “freezing temperatures,” rather than, for example, “tormentis harlory.”

Ticketmaster is now using software created by New York start-up Solve Media, a similar service that asks for well-known phrases, or simple multiple choice questions. (Via)

Now that it’s gone, though exorbitant ticket fees remain, it’s OK to laugh about the time you didn’t get to see REO Speedwagon at the State Fair because you couldn’t figure out how the hell to type this. But you know why I think Ticketmaster is saying goodbye to Captchas? They’re sick, perverted even. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

(Via Captcha Fail)