The REMIX LAB Is Something We Think You Should Know About

In the interest of alerting you guys to events going on around the country that we here at UPROXX feel are cool and worthy of your consideration — something we hope to do more of in the future — there’s an event taking place in New York this weekend, with upcoming dates in Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles to follow, that I feel compelled to tell you about.

The aforementioned event is called the REMIX LAB and it’s a multi-day event that covers music, film, TV and gaming — pretty much everything we cover across the UPROXX network outside of sports — that’s sponsored by Hyundai Veloster. According to a press release, the event(s) are designed to support the release of an upcoming music documentary and will feature discussions, performances and classes on a range of stuff, including, as the name of the event suggests, DJing.

The series kicks off in New York on October 19th then travels to Las Vegas November 1st, Miami December 2nd and Los Angeles December 7th. REMIX LAB is a multi-day, multi-media event that will feature music, gaming, and film in support of the soon to be released RE:GENERATION music documentary. Players from the documentary including Skrillex, Pretty Lights, The Crystal Method, DJ Premier and Mark Ronson, will be appearing and performing as part of select segments of the REMIX LAB events.

We’re so pumped about the event in New York kicking off tomorrow that we’re sending Warming Glow‘s own Matt Ufford to cover it. He’ll be attending a panel discussion on The Walking Dead on Friday hosted by Chris Hardwick & Robert Kirkman, in addition to a Cold War Kids concert on Saturday. He’ll post a recap of his REMIX LAB experiences on Monday.

So now you know!