The Smiths Are Not Getting Back Together, Say The Smiths


Lately there have been rumors floating around on the ole world wide web that The Smiths — most recently seen being mashed up with Super Mario Brothers and Lana Del Rey — would be reuniting and going on tour.

Drum roll, please…

Reports the Guardian:

Former guitarist for the Smiths, Johnny Marr, has dismissed online reports that the band will reform, saying that he has “got things to do” rather than rejoin his ex-bandmates.

The guitarist posted a message on his Facebook page after an initial report on that the band, fronted by Morrissey, were reforming for a series of gigs.

Marr said: “Thanks to those with Hearts and Smarts. I don’t know where this stuff starts. Not from me. I got things to do. Johnny”.

The band’s former drummer Mike Joyce, who now works as a DJ in New York, also denied the story.

He said: “After today’s reports of the Smiths reforming I can confirm that they are not.”

In other words, you can all just kiss Morrissey’s arse, okay!

From now on I think I might sign off on every email with, “I got things to do. Johnny.”

(Pic and GIF via Morrissey Porn)

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