'The Violin Maker' Is A Short Documentary About…Wait For It…A Man Who Makes Violins

Brooklyn-based violin maker Samuel Zygmuntowicz has already had a book written about him called “The Violin Maker.” But why read the book when you can just watch filmmaker Dustin Cohen’s short, interesting documentary — also titled “The Violin Maker” — on Zygmuntowicz right here on the internet?

About making violins, Zygmuntowicz recently told that the future presents many challenges to people in his field.

We are in very interesting times for the violin. On one hand, the field is getting crowded with competent makers, including many in China. On the other side, the upper reaches of skill and knowledge are climbing, and new violins are being used by the some of the most prominent players. That is where the current challenge is for myself, and some of my colleagues.

Another obvious challenge facing violin makers: finding people to document their work who are creative enough to come up with a title that isn’t “The Violin Maker.”

ANYWAY, enjoy…

(HT: Laughing Squid)