The Weeknd Has A Bloody Brawl With His Older Self In The Cinematic ‘Gasoline’ Video

The Weeknd is moving quickly here in the Dawn FM era. He started 2022 by announcing the album and released it a week later, and he’s already delivered two videos from it: “Sacrifice” and a new one from today for “Gasoline.”

The clip starts with an aged The Weeknd driving in a frantic, low-visibility situation before crashing into a sign. He then finds himself in a surreal club that features hands reaching up from the ground, a tangle of bodies, and young The Weeknd beating up old The Weeknd. There’s more to it than that and the whole thing is a real trip, and a cinematic one at that.

Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) co-wrote and/or produced most of the songs on Dawn FM, but “Gasoline” is one of a couple tunes from the album (along with the short title track that directly precedes it) that’s a direct collaboration between him and The Weeknd with no other credited writers.

Meanwhile, while the Dawn FM era is just beginning, The Weeknd recently teased the bigger picture when he tweeted the other day, “i wonder… did you know you’re experiencing a new trilogy,” which prompted plenty of fan theories about where Dawn FM fits into things.

Watch the “Gasoline” video above.

Dawn FM is out now via Republic. Get it here.