This Woman Burning Herself Singing A Kreayshawn Song Is A Reminder Kreayshawn Fans Deserve Bad Things

Remember that really horrible musician Kreayshawn whose album nobody bought and whose music everyone ignores yet she still had some sort of faux-career thanks to her outlandish videos? Well, she’s not doing anything newsworthy because her career is essentially over, but we’ve been reminded of her existence thanks to a Vine that’s gone viral.

This woman was singing along to Kreayshawn when she apparently forgot the curling iron was hot and burned the holy sweet hell out of her hand. What an idiot!

Actually, the woman is Vine star Brittany Furlan who is one of Vine’s legit stars, known for her funny vids. While most sites are reporting her as some haphazard loon, the video was staged and still pretty hilarious. Here’s a video of why her videos are so popular.

Brittany Furlan – Vine Famous from Thomas Reiten on Vimeo.