TikTok Users Spent Christmas Pranking Stunned Relatives With Fake Death Reports About Cher, Bon Jovi, And Other Celebrities

TikTok users love to be a part of the latest trends, and one of the newest ones is a bit dark but also funny for the right audience. As people visited home and otherwise spent time with their families over the holiday weekend, they read fake headlines about the death of a relative’s favorite celebrity, filming all the while to capture their reactions.

A video from TikTok user @stevescooche compiles some of these clips and has racked up about 10 million views since yesterday. The first clip is focused on an older couple as the person behind the camera fraudulently announces, “Oh my god: ‘Cher Dead At 81.'” Some in the room look up and offer a shocked, “No!” A man then yells, “My Cher?!”


This is all over my fyp and I can’t stop laughing 😂 #fakecelebrityprank #fakecelebritydeath #fyp #oprahwinfrey

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Another user said in their video, “Oh my god: ‘Bon Jovi Dead At 60.'” Their shocked relative looked up before quickly summoning further research, saying as the video cuts off, “Alexa, did Bon Jovi…” Somebody else used Jon Bon Jovi for their video, too, and in that clip, after hearing the fake news, a woman urgently puts down her drink, gets up, and exclaims, “F*ck! Sorry, excuse me.” Of that video, a commenter cracked, “The Bon Jovi lady at the end got up like she is the executor of the will or something.”

Check out the compilation above.