Tinashe’s Studio Session Nightmare Shows How Ruthless The Music Business Really Is

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01.09.17 11 Comments

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Tinashe’s career has been an interesting one to follow. The talent is there, but it seems like the singer just can’t reach the next level after making a huge splash in 2014 with the platinum single, “2 On” and her critically-acclaimed debut album, Aquarius.

Her surprise mixtape, Nightride, was released instead of her sophomore album Joyride which was scheduled drop November 2015 but was pushed back a year after many false starts that resulted in a year of wasted interviews and a tour cancellation. Soon after taking matters into her own hands and leaking Joyride‘s first single, “Party Favors,” a frustrated Tinashe went on Snapchat and blasted her supporters for being “fake fans” because they weren’t buying the single and calling in radio stations to request the record.

“If you don’t have my song, you’re not a real fan. Go get that sh*t. Right now. Play it every day. Why are you following me on Snapchat if you’re not a real fan and you’re not about that life?” the singer lashed out last year.

Tinashe later blamed Joyride’s hold up on her record label RCA. In a chat with fans last February, she claimed the label was ignoring her in favor of labelmate, Zayn Malik, telling fans in a private DM, “They’re focused on Zany lmao that’s the real tea.”

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