Tom DeLonge Is Still More Interested In Aliens Than He Is In Blink-182

Even when Tom DeLonge was guitarist and co-vocalist for Blink-182, his interest in outer space and aliens was well documented, right down to a song called “Aliens Exist.” But since he split with the band in 2015, his preoccupation with the otherworldly has essentially become a full-time job. He’s gone on record saying he believes his life is in danger because he knows too much about UFOs, won a UFO award complete with a wild acceptance speech, and started work on a feature film about a battle between aliens and skaters. Now, he’s turning an obsession into a legitimate company.

“What if scientists were given resources to investigate the boundaries of traditional theory?” he asks in a video seeking investors for his newest alien endeavor, To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Science. To The Stars aims to unite religious scholars, archeologists, government officials, physicists, and aerospace engineers to a common cause, essentially figuring out what is beyond our own planet and working towards understanding it. In the eyes of DeLonge and his collaborators, this is an area that is neglected by our current government, so private funding is the only way to the truth that he believes is out there.

Of course, To The Stars is a further example that Blink-182 is the last thing on this dude’s mind. And as it turned out with their previous album without DeLonge, the successful 2016 LP California, Blink is also doing just fine without their co-founder.

Watch the To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Science video above and, if you have excess disposable cash or are really buying in to this alien thing, visit their website to donate to the cause.