Travis Scott Took His Giant, Mechanical Bird All The Way To London For His EMA Performance

Anybody that has had the chance to see Travis Scott live this year — either on his own tour or Kendrick Lamar’s Damn tour — knows he took the “Bird” from the title of his latest album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, and manifested that into something massive, mechanical and insane at his shows. While he performs, a giant, mechanical bird lurks on stage, unavoidable to anybody watching, and when it comes time to wrap his set up it comes alive, as La Flame mounts the bird and quite literally flies over the crowd. It’s insane, and a thrill and Travis brought that thrill to London for his lively performance of his latest hit “Butterfly Effect.”

It’s not the craziest thing that happens at Travis Scott shows, that title probably belongs to the fans leaping from balconies and suing him for their troubles, but it’s right up there on the list. Trav has, of course, been busy, with a rumored baby on the way with Kylie Jenner that shocked the world, but he is still finding time to rock shows and scream out his surprise hit all over the globe.

Check out a preview of Travis’ performance of “Butterfly Effect” at the EMA above, and see the full performance at MTV’s website here.