Travis Scott’s Unreleased ‘Too Many Chances’ Is A Departure From His Established Sound

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Those Redditors are at it again. The users of the popular forum site who have unearthed some gems in the past (including Tom Hardy’s unreleased, underground rap album) once again found a gold nugget in the seemingly infinite wasteland of the internet. This time, it’s an unreleased, unfinished Travis Scott song, where the Houston rapper sounds refreshed, invigorated, and surprisingly lyrical called, ostensibly, “Too Many Chances.”

Straying away from the oozy trap he’s become best known for, “Too Many Chances” finds the middle ground between the leaned-out, signature Travis sound and the J Dilla-inspired boom-bap of 2nd generation Kanye West productions. While the song appears to be missing the second verse, the lush production is worth the listen on its own. Scott’s chorus, lamenting his overindulgence in the various benefits of stardom — you know, women and free alcohol — is weirdly relatable while being catchy as all hell.

There’s no indication of where this track was ever supposed to end up, or if it’s actually a brand new indicator of the musical direction he might be taking on Astroworld. There isn’t much info on the Soundcloud page the track currently lives on, other than a “pre-astroworld” reference in the URL, but you’ll have to take that, like everything else on the internet, with a hefty grain of salt.

Meanwhile, Travis and girlfriend Kylie Jenner welcomed another new addition to the world over the weekend. After 9 months of mystery, Travis and Kylie posted synchronized birth announcements on their respective Twitter pages, welcoming their new baby girl.