Troye Sivan And Jónsi’s ‘Revelation’ Is A Haunting And Ethereal Joint Track

Aussie pop icon Troye Sivan and Sigur Rós multiinstrumentalist Jónsi have teamed up for a gorgeous, melancholy new song. “Revelation” was written for the upcoming movie Boy Erased, which also costars Sivan. Sivan’s voice is a perfect accompaniment for Jónsi’s grandiose, haunting instrumentals. Sivan has a way of making every lyric he sings sound revelatory and tender.

At a Q&A for the film earlier this week, Sivan shared that he was especially excited to work on this movie, and even more honored that director Joel Edgerton wanted to use his music for the soundtrack. “Revelation” is inspired by a scene where the main character, a very religious, very closeted young man, has his first encounter with another boy. At the Q&A, Sivan shared how the scene inspired his songwriting.

God doesn’t strike him down and the world doesn’t fall apart. And maybe he even kind of enjoys it, and maybe it feels right for the first time. The idea of that person being a revelation in your life, where you can kind of do something that feels so natural and so right and be fine on the other side, that was a really potent thing in my head.”

Listen to “Revelation” above.